iLocalis Daemon 1.0.2 released

New version of iLocalis Daemon has been released and will be available to everybody in the next few hours (I hope!)

The changelog includes:
- Memory management improvement
- Fix Twitter updates
- Fix location updates issues
- Compatibility with 2.2 firmware

Location Updates

I have changed how the location updates are stored into the database. From now on ALL the location updates sent from the iPhone will be stored into the database. Prior to this only if the location was changed was it stored into the database because I thought that if you were in the same place it was unnecessary to update the location. But this behavior is causing a lot of confusion because the users thought that the location was not being updated as a result of a malfunction of iLocalis.

So don’t worry, now every time your iPhone sends a location to the iLocalis server, it will be stored even if the location is the same as the previous one. Because of this, in a future update I will implement a calendar to go back to any time of your iPhone location history.

I hope this change will be helpful to most of you!

Password recovery

Today I developed a way to recover your username/password if you forget it. You can click on “Did you forget your username or password?” and enter your email address to reset the password. After you receive the mail, follow the attached instructions!

Of course you need to set your email address first, so I have set-up a notification in case your email address is not set.


SSL installed

A lot of users were concerned about security issues. Today I have purchased a security certificate to improve the security of iLocalis.

The first step that has been implemented is secure login access from the web interface. Right now your logins will go through a ciphered connection with a 256-bit encryption algorithm for everyone. In the next update of iLocalis this improvement will also be implemented for the iLocalis app.

The next step will be to cipher the data sent from your iPhone to The problem is that this will put a greater load on the server so it will only be available to premium users who will help pay for this added security.

And with this I will implement Basic and Premium features. Stay in touch I will publish more info later...

Video Tutorial


New page - Blog

Hi everybody!

I have set-up this page to help you keep track of what I’m doing regarding iLocalis. I will publish the new features I’m developing and so on, so all of you can keep in touch with my developing.

Thank you very much for being there. iLocalis would not be possible without all of you.

So again, thank you.